Why Does Frank Lasee Hate Lawyers?

Ann Althouse, my former Federal Jurisdiction professor at the JPSLS, has some dirt from the WisSJ. This is from the transcript taken at his divorce. I think it's clear Mr. Lasee would rather have been at home dreaming up stupid policy this day:

The judge noted court officials witnessed Lasee punching his lawyer while in court.

"I didn 't punch him," Lasee said last week. "I poked him in the arm to get his attention."

Lasee twice asked for a new judge in the case, including on the day the second judge began issuing her decision.

Brown County Circuit Judge Sue Bischel sounded exasperated when she addressed Lasee on June 27, 2003:

"Mr. Lasee, if you laugh at me one more time, I am really going to get ornery. I have tried very hard to treat you with respect. I see you smirking. I see you grinning. I can hear it. I am so disappointed. ... I have found over the years that it is getting increasingly difficult to get people to respect the court system and the judicial system.

So he socks his attorney and then pisses off the judge. Anyone think Mr. Lasee is moronic enough to top that?

Later in the hearing, Lasee fired his attorney, then asked to make "a brief statement." Bischel allowed this, although she said it challenged her authority to control the timing of the trial.

Lasee told her, "You lied from bench."

After he repeatedly interrupted the judge, she warned Lasee he would be held in contempt of court.

"I do not recognize the legitimacy of this court because you are not ... unbiased. I have proof to that effect," Lasee said, then walked out of the courtroom.

Judge Bischel: "Call the court officer. Mr. Lasee, you are in contempt. Reluctantly, I am reluctantly finding this gentleman in contempt. I have tolerated more from him today than I probably have from anyone else who has come into the court. His behavior was way over the top."

Later, she noted Lasee answered and made cell-phone calls while his wife was on the witness stand, and left to use the phone and rest room during proceedings, adding, "I have never had that happen in 11 years."

My personal favorite line? "You lied from bench".

UPDATE: Above the Law picked this one up too.

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